Thursday, March 3, 2016

Snowmass - 3rd of March

Today we started the day with a fast breakfast and a short bus ride to the village of Snowmass. First off all, before we could start skiing we had to rent skis and snowboards. The shop was very small, but recommended as the by far best one in Snowmass. Short after that, we actually started skiing. We took the first lift up and after taking a lot of pictures with the breathtaking view we made our first ski-run. The snow was better than expected, because down in the village was not much snow and you were able to see the green grass on the sides of the street. After the first three hours of skiing we stopped for lunch at the Stew Pot. We relaxed and gave our legs some time to rest, before we went back on the slopes. Snowmass is the biggest skiing complex in this area, so we enjoyed to use a bunch of different lifts to ski down many slopes. The last lift went at fifteen after four pm, we took it and finally went back to the condo, because of all the skiing we were all very exhausted and hungry. First we went into the hot tub next to our condo and then we bought some food so Andreas could cook some Italian pasta for us.

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